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Walk Through Metal Detector Garrett PD6500i

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Easy Assembly: The PD 6500i's modular design allows for a quick and simple assembly of its 4 (four) sub assemblies using only 8 (eight) screws and 3 (three)
internal cable connections.

Pinpoint Zone Detection: Garrett’s exclusive multiple target pinpointing with 33 distinct zones shows precise target location on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.

Entry Pacing Lights: Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy-to-view, eye-level pacing lights with international "wait" and "proceed" symbols on the entrance side of each panel.

Floor Mounting Option: The PD 6500i can be mounted using the optional Adhesive Floor Mounting Kit, which can be used to protect valuable flooring surfaces while preventing unit movement.

Advanced Targeting Mode: The only metal detector approved for U.S. and European airports that indicates if the target is located on the left, right or center of the body as well as its height.

33 Detection Zones to precisely identify multiple
target locations from head to toe on the left, center and
right sides of the body.

20 Standard Programs for application versatility

International Security Standards The PD 6500i meets the world's highest test certifications.

Directional Counter: with transmitters and receivers
in each panel, the PD 6500i is like having two metal
detectors in one. By scanning from both sides, the
PD 6500i provides superior detection, uniformity and

Advanced Broadband Detection Technology provides superior target analysis, ferrous and non-ferrous weapons detection, discrimination and higher patron throughput.

Superior Versatility: settings designed for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention and many other applications.

Optional Accessories: provide networking, remote control, monitoring, data analysis and group management.

Meets IP55 Standards