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Handy Purge 100

Handy Purge 100 is a lightweight, yet robust handheld, entry level, toolbox weld purge monitor, measuring the level of Oxygen to 0.01%(100 parts per million). Suitable for many exotic material pipe weld applications.

Features and advantages :

  • Minimum waiting time. The device tells you exactly when the residual oxygen concentration of a purge gas is low enough to start welding. You need no longer rely on rough estimations. This saves both time and gas.
  • Reduced purge gas consumption. Exact monitoring of the residual oxygen avoids unnecessary purge gas consumption and allows you to produce oxygen-free weld seams.
  • Top-quality weld seams
  • Top quality is guaranteed, as too early welding and hence porous, colored or even charred weld seams can be avoided.
  • Duplex / Stainless steel The Handy Purge Weld Purge Monitor can be used for all stainless steel, duplex and certain titanium welding applications.

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