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Grain Moisture Meter

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Description :
Easy to operate and the moisture content is displayed by simply pouring the grain sample into the measuring section and pressing the " MEASURE " button, you can also use the included automatic hopper for rice to ensure a consistent and even " pour " . The PM-410 is very portable and rugged and can be used in any location.
Over 100 units have been deployed by the National Food Authority ( NFA) for their Rice Moisture Testing needs. Used by PhilRice, International Rice Research Institute, the Department of Agriculture and other organizations.

Wheat 6.0-40.0%
Barley 6.0-40.0%
Corn 6.0-40.0%
Soybean 6.0-30.0%
Cannola 6.0-30.0%
Rye 6.0-30.0%
Oats 6.0-30.0%
Sorgrum 6.0-30.0%
Sunflower ( Large, Medium) 6.0-30.0%
Sunflower ( Small) 6.0-20.0%
Paady 8.0-35.0%
Rice ( Long) 9.0-20.0%

From Kett - the world' s largest manufacturer of rice moisture meter.
Product specifications:
Measuring principle : Capacitance
Accuracy : + 0.5% ( relative to reference method)
Operating Temp : 0 ~ 40 C
Display : LCD
Power Supply : 1.5V ( AA) batteries x 4
Functions : Bias Adjusment, Average, Automatic Power Off, Automatic Temperature Compensation
Dimensions : 210 x 130 x 190 mm ( h x w x d )
Weight : 1 Kg ( net) , 3.0 kg ( shipment)
Accessories supplied : Sample cup, Funnel, 4 x AA batteries