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Function Generator ATTEN ATF20B

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• Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels

• 3.5-inch TFT LCD display

• High Frequency Resolution: full-range resolution is 40 MHz

• Store 40 sets of the user parameters and recall

• 32 kinds of standard or build-in fixed waveforms

• Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV(50)

• Multiple modulation functions: FM, FSK, ASK, PSK

• Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and burst functions

• Count the frequency, period, amplitude RMS value or peak-to-peak value

• Over-voltage, over-current, output short-circuit and reverse voltage protections

• High reliability: use VLSI components and surface mount technology

• Power Amplifier: optional part, maximum output power up to 7W

• Optional configurations: RS232 interface, Frequency Counter, Power Amplifier


• Power Supply: AC220V (1±10%) / AC110V (1±10%) (Pay attention to the voltage selection on rear panel)

• Frequency:50Hz (1±5%)

• Power Consumption: < 45VA

• Operating Temperature:  0°C to +40°C

• Operating Humidity: 80% R.H

• Operation Characteristics: Keypad operation and rotary knob operation

• Dimensions: 415mm x 295mm x 195mm

• Display: TFT display, 320*240

• Weight: 3.5kg

Packing list:

1 x Signal Generator

1 x USB wire

1 x powe cord

1 x Manual