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Digital Oscilloscope SDS8202 200Mhz

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  • Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • Sample rate (Real time): 2GSa/s
  • Horizontal Scale (S/div): 1ns/div~100s/div, step by1~2~5
  • Vertical Resolution: 8-bit
  • Rise time (at input, typical): ≤3.5ns
  • Channels: 2 + 1 (external)
  • Display: 8 inch colour LCD, TFT screen, 800x600 pixels
  • Input Impedance: 1M±2% in parallel with 15pF±5pF
  • Record Length: Max.10M points for each channel
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 2mV/div#10V/div(at input)
  • Cursor read-out
  • 20 automatic measurement functions
  • Autoscale function
  • 8 inch Color (TFT) LCD with high contrast
  • Ability to store 15 waveforms
  • Automatic setting function
  • Multiple waveform calculation function
  • Can detect the average and peak values of a waveform
  • Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternate trigger functionality
  • Pass/Fail Function, optically isolated Pass/Fail output
  • FFT Function
  • USB communication port
  • VGA output for projection use
  • Multiple language user interface
  • Optional Lithium battery (4 hours of operation time)
  • Dimension: 340mm× 155mm×70mm
  • Weight approx:  2kgs